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encore! at 2012/13 Season Launch and Moby Dick in Calgary

encore! Storms the Stage of Cavalleria Rusticana / I Pagliacci

encore! Storms the Stage of Otello

encore! members storm the stage and rock the house – in Opera costumes! – on the set of Otello April 29th



encore! on location at the Edmonton Opera warehouse



The Otello video will be available on February 16th. Watch other Operateers episodes here.

Katrina, from Loud Whisper Productions, brought the HD camera for best possible film quality!



The cast looks on as Brian Deedrick goes through his lines





Sean prepares for his closeup as the evil Iago... with an eyepatch





Done for the day, Rob relaxes while supporting his cast-mates from “backstage”





David drinks a coke in preparation for his non-singing special effects!










Shopping night at Lux Beauty Boutique, November 2009


Gwen remains cool and collected in the face of many, many beauty goodies...



...while Cheng and Chris can’t contain their excitement!






encore! on location at the Edmonton Opera warehouse


To actually see the videos filmed this day, search Youtube for “Brian Deedrick and the Operateers”

Paul addresses his boom mike - which he held up, like a trooper, and barely ever used for making lewd gestures



Liz freaks herself out by discovering the “scary head box.”





Gwen is ready for her close up





The talent takes five...





... and as Katrina took the raw footage into editing and Clayton and Tim cleaned up, we couldn’t help ourselves... and had a small hat party.






Welcome dinner at Lux - September 18th


The much-awaited cake (red velvet with cream cheese filling and buttercream icing... mmmm)



Becca does a victory lap after she and Paul won a hotly contested trivia match





Group shot (we're going to remember to take more of these in the future)






SNAPpy Stationery


Michael gets a lesson in silkscreening from printer Caitlin Wells.



Gwen and Paul show off the fruits of their letterpress labour.





SNAPpy attendees check out a batch of silkscreen cards






Cheng in trouble at the 2009 CGI Classic Edmonton Opera Golf Tournament




Chorister Charlotte Burrowes sang beautifully and was accompanied by Maestro Steven Osgood at Storm the Stage.





On April 24, encore and cast members and guests enjoyed a party on the set of La Traviata.





It was only when we stood up to welcome everyone that encore! realized that we had all worn blue for Storm the Stage. We swear it wasn't on purpose!





encore! members and guests at Daughter of the Regiment





encore! members at Edmonton Opera's 2009 Gala: An Evening to Treasure