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Operas with good characters

Thursday, May 2. 2013

Inspired by the 30-Day Opera Challenge done by Austin Lyric Opera, the staff at Edmonton Opera have taken on a 30-question challenge of their own. Each week, we'll post answers from staff members about various aspects of opera, whether it's their favourite aria, an opera house they'd like to visit, or an open-ended question about what they would do it if they could sing, conduct, direct, etc., an opera.
We welcome your comments with your own opinion on the question, either on the blog or via social media.

This is the 20th question in a series of 30 — thanks for sticking with us!  

Which opera has the best characters?

Jelena Bojic, director of commuity relations: Satyagraha. Based on Ghandi's life and philosophy of non-violence, the opera has three acts and each act is based on people who changed the world — Tolstoy, Tagore and Martin Luther King. These characters are so compelling and thought-provoking, and you want to memorize everything they say because it's so powerful.

Sandra Gajic, CEO: So many operas have great characters, but I am simply going by my first association and come up with Don Carlos, where history and Shiller get both re-written. Having said that, on second thought, the multi-layered relationship between Wotan and Brunnhilde and how it evolves during Die Walkure is my favourite.

Catherine Szabo, communications coordinator: Just of the three operas this season, I think Tales of Hoffmann has the best characters, especially because of the four villains, who reappear in each of the acts in different forms. To separate direction from character description, however, I think I would have to see different versions of the same opera to determine which characters I really liked the best.