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Opera for the first time

Friday, February 1. 2013

Inspired by the 30-Day Opera Challenge done by Austin Lyric Opera, the staff at the Edmonton Opera have taken on their own 30-day challenge. Each week, we'll post answers from staff members about various aspects of opera, whether it's their favourite aria, an opera house they'd like to visit or their opinion on a genre. We welcome comments about your own take on the question, either on the blog or via social media.

What's the first opera you saw, and what were your impressions?

Stacy Young, special events coordinator: Aida was my first opera. I loved the costumes and set, and the chorus numbers were great! We had such great performers for our version as well.

Sandra Gajic, CEO: My first opera was Pagliacci — I was no more than 3. I went with my grandmother who prepared me by playing and singing the entire opera for me time after time. What I remember most is that I cried together with my grandma during and long after Vesti La Giubba! I can still cry the moment I even think about it! The next one she took me to was La Traviata a few months later, and there all I could remember was the gowns. 

Cameron MacRae, creative coordinator: My first opera was Edmonton Opera's 1999 production of Puccini's La Bohème. My Grade 6 teacher brought our class to the education dress rehearsal, and I was captivated by the music and spectacle. Musetta's Quando me'n vo remains one of my favourite arias. It's great to see that our education dress rehearsals continue to expose a new generation of patrons to the art form.

Jeff McAlpine, assistant technical director: My first opera was Edmonton Opera's La Bohème in 2005.

Catherine Szabo, communications coordinator: Aida was the first opera I saw, and I don't know if it's because it's the first scene I saw in rehearsal, but my favourite scene is when Ramfis declares Radames a traitor. With Les Contes d'Hoffmann coming up, it's really interesting to see all the differences between the two, and I love different aspects in this opera — but I definitely think the chorus is always one of the highlights. 

Edited Feb. 4, 2013