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Opera wish list

Wednesday, January 16. 2013

Inspired by the 30-Day Opera Challenge done by Austin Lyric Opera, the staff at the Edmonton Opera have taken on their own 30-day challenge. Each week, we'll post answers from staff members about various aspects of opera, whether it's their favourite aria, an opera house they'd like to visit or their opinion on a genre. We welcome comments about your own take on the question, either on the blog or via social media.

What's the one opera you really want to see but haven't seen yet?

Stacy Young, special events coordinator: Carmen. It seems like such a well-known opera and a favourite for many.

Tim Yakimec, director of production: An opera I haven't seen but would like to is The Ring Cycle, by Robert LePage at the Met. I am intrigued by the set and costume pictures I've seen, that he came up with to stage such a piece. He is always so inventive to support the story, not just for spectacle sake.

Michael Spassov, artistic administrator: Either L'heure espagnole, by Ravel, or Einstein on the Beach by Phillip Glass.

Jessica McMillan, administrative assistant: I have always wanted to see a Janacek opera, but if I had to choose one it would probably be The Makropulos Affair.

Lauren Tenney, marketing and fund development coordinator: Carmen is one opera that I'd like to see, because it has some of the most recognizable music. So, knowing the music, I'd like to hear it while seeing the whole production.

Catherine Szabo, communications coordinator: Someone on our Facebook page mentioned Rusalka, and after reading a little bit about it, it sounds really interesting. And, after the discussion Satyagraha created for another blog post, I think I'd really like to see that one too.

Sandra Gajic, CEO: For me, it's The Demon by Russian composer Anton Rubinstein. I heard it live in concert a number of years ago but have never seen it staged.