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Little-known opera

Friday, January 11. 2013

Inspired by the 30-Day Opera Challenge done by Austin Lyric Opera, the staff at the Edmonton Opera have taken on their own 30-day challenge. Each week, we'll post answers from staff members about various aspects of opera, whether it's their favourite aria, an opera house they'd like to visit or their opinion on a genre. We welcome comments about your own take on the question, either on the blog or via social media.

Name a not-very-famous opera that you love

Sandra Gajic, CEO: Ero S Onoga Svijeta and Splitski Akvarel, two Croatian operas/operettas that were so much a part of my early childhood. I am sure no one has ever heard of those on this continent or outside of former Yugoslavia!

Amanda MacRae, education and community outreach coordinator: Platée by Rameau that I saw at the Opera de Paris in 2006. It's a comic opera based on Greek myth.

Clayton Rodney, technical director: Iphigénie en Tauride. I saw it at the COC and loved it. The theatricality of it won me over, and the COC scenery and lighting was amazing. It's not my most favourite, but I don't think it's very well known and I liked it.

Jelena Bojic, director of community relations: I really like Svadba - Wedding (part of Edmonton Opera's 2012/13 ATB Canadian Series). It's sung in Serbian, which I understand, and it's neat to see and hear something that was inspired by traditional Serbian music and culture. 

Edited, Jan. 14, 2013