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Fidelio: The process revealed

Monday, March 12. 2012

A little less than two weeks until we start rehearsals for Fidelio! We left fun and frivolity on the shores of Titipu what seems like only yesterday, and we will venture into a totally different world of where oppression and the joy of overcoming it is realized with Beethoven's glorious music.

The set designed by Bretta Gerecke has begun construction, and the costumes being designed by Deanna Finnman are coming together as you read this. I am always astonished by the creativity of both the scenic designer and the costume designer.  There are so many parameters thrown their way in their journey to realizing a design for a show.

Despite any restrictions, whether it be monetary or timelines, these two individuals always surprise me with their approach to create the world the opera needs to live in.  Always positive, they remind me of improv performers! Never say no!  Saying no only puts up blocks or resists moving forward.  Should an issue arise, they dive in, suggest alternatives and forge on usually coming up with something even better that will support the world the opera needs to live in and help tell the story.

I love working with designers!