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Production Blog September 13, 2011

Thursday, October 13. 2011

Saturday morning the trucks unload at the Jube and in goes the scenery for Cav/Pag! It’s always an adventure to get the set together. It was so long ago that the trailers were loaded , so once everything is pulled out, it is like a giant puzzle to familiarize oneself with all the pieces, sort things out and get everyone working to put it all together. I am always amazed at the co-ordinated teamwork with our TD (Clayton) and the IATSE crew (25+ members) – while lights are being swapped out or changed onstage, the trailers are being unloaded around them and side-stage, bits and pieces of the set are being constructed, the wardrobe crates are being moved into place, the costume maintenance shop is being created – all with a sense of purpose and genuine calmness. Incredible that it all happens in such a short time. With this set – we will have most of the scenery together the first day and a half (within 16 hours) – ready to be lit and be inhabited by the singers for Monday night rehearsal onstage.

It could be chaos at any moment – but because I am in charge of getting donuts for coffee breaks – we avoid any calamities. It’s all good!